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CES 2019: Everything You’ll Need to Know and More

For almost 50 years CES has been the world’s showcase for breakthrough emerging technologies. Everything from VCR’s to camcorders through 3D printers has been revealed at CES. If you want a glimpse of the future this is the place to be, but it’s easy to get lost in the future. CES is one of the world’s largest trade shows, at 3.2 million square feet, equivalent to 81 football fields (length x width) it’s very easy to miss the action. I will cover, for you, most questions you’ll have about CES, plus a post-game recap. Even if you went, it’s impossible to be everywhere at the same time, so I’ll do that for you.


First, let’s cover the logistics for you. The convention will take place between Tuesday, January 8th-Friday, January 11th. You can expect about 4,500 different exhibitors to be at the conference with around 200,000 guests. The conference is divided up into 3 locations: Tech East, Tech West, and Tech South. This will take place at the expo center (duh), and various hotels.

  • Tech East will have the main booths of the large companies

  • Tech West will have the audio and hi-fi booths

  • Tech South will comprise of gaming, VR, and AR companies and booths.

This convention is huge, and I mean hiking boots huge, you can expect to walk many miles, bring your Fitbit and you’ll see. I recommend spending at least one day at each of the “techs”. These are the hotels that are partnered with CES and have discounted rates. It’s recommended you stay at these hotels. Another option that is listed is renting an apartment through Airbnb. All the major hotels have shuttle service to and from the venues.

In addition, Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, and Korean Air are also partnered with CES to offer discounted flights and additional routes from Amsterdam, London, Paris, Seoul, and Tokyo direct to Las Vegas.

Keynote Address/Speakers

This show won’t only have cool, new tech to preview and play with. You’re also going to hear from industry leaders speak, and different panels to answer questions of different sectors. I’ll get into the keynote speaker later, but other exciting keynote speakers to pop in will be leaders such as: CES executives, CEO of IBM, CEO of Verizon, CEO of AMD, some high ranking government officials, lots of press and more CEOs. AT&T’s president, National Geographic.

Super sessions, will have a variety of panelists to discuss trends. They’ll be discussing Technology and space, how it works with the FCC, sports, and of course, the biggest trends in the tech world. Expect much the same for featured speakers, lots of CEO’s of the tech giants, a few media outlets, then a couple celebrities.

Tech Announcements and Rumors

This year has some big and exciting announcements for CES 2019. Firstly, I.P. Park, President of LG Electronics, will be making the keynote address, he’s going to be talking about where he wants LG to go, in terms of AI tech and the integration with “smart appliances”. Everything will be interconnected in the near future. The whole conference is going to be integrated with Alexa and Siri to demonstrate this developing power.  

Mobile Tech: In the world of phones, 5G is finally going to be unveiled, and ears, you heard correct ears for your smartphone. Your phone is also joining the fragrance industry. You’ll be able to make your own perfume or cologne.

Vehicular Tech: Once again, you’ll see the return of self-driving cars. Auto pioneers and still honing and tweaking the code to make it even safer. They want this to be the future, your car will drive itself while you lay back and watch tv. Pizza Hut is channeling their inner Black Mirror and delivering us a self-driving pizza truck.

Television Audio and Visual Tech: On the television front, there’s nothing too exciting. We’re going to see foldable screens and 8K, which looks fantastic, but nothing to blow us out of the water. I hear that the big television revolutions are coming in the next few years, so be on the lookout for that.

Women-centric Tech: Beauty is shifting to the tech world, and developing technologies, especially for women. We’re not talking just phone cases with puppies on it. This tech is designed by women, built for women, and meant for women. What that means, we’ll have to wait until CES to see.

Samsung: Samsung will have some interesting developments coming from them. They have a light that is synced to your phone and will give you the exact amount of light needed for whatever you’re doing on your smartphone. Tisplay is for the live streamers; instead of having an ad before or during the stream, the ad will be superimposed onto the shirt of the streamer, making you a living, virtual advertisement.

Gaming Tech: Nothing too groundbreaking is expected to be announced. The big gaming-processing companies will, likely, announce the next generation line of processors. If you’re a huge gamer this might be exciting.  

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