• Zak A.

How to Get Leads That Normally Wouldn’t Visit Your Booth

“Booth Guru worked very well for us. We pulled in a crowd that we normally would never have gotten because we didn’t have the best position on the “high street”

-Weeb Cnossen, VP Marketing

Pro FS

Weeb Cnossen needed a way to attract visitors to his booth. Booth Guru’s game was just the pull Weeb needed to attract customers. There’s a fun and engaging quiz and cool prizes to be won. You can spend money on the big booth set-up, but if there’s nothing to keep a client around then it’s just money wasted. Booth Guru’s game is a huge attractor, even if you don’t have the “prime real estate”.


Weeb was more than impressed with what Booth Guru’s app was able to accomplish. It turned a disadvantage into a success story with just a simple game. If you read my last blog post, I said thinking outside the box was a crucial element to a successful trade show. Weeb didn’t do anything to overly complicated, but he had something that no other booth had and was able to spin that into gold.

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