• Zak A.

It’s Possible to Triple the Traffic to Your Booth

“We managed to triple the traffic to the booth, despite our side location”

-Edan Kertis, CEO


At previous trade shows Edan Kertis, CEO of MyQuest, was ‘stuck in the past’. He and his reps used to speak with potential leads by going up to them and asking if they were interested in their product. This is an ancient way to try to engage and qualify leads, and not very effective.

Booth Guru uses real-time intelligence to qualify the leads for the exhibitor. This frees up time so the booth staff can focus on the hot potential clients instead of talking to everyone. Edan decided to go with Booth Guru because he was impressed with the UI and how the app is a natural lighthouse that pulls in potential clients with a fun game and cool prizes.

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