• Ohad Twig

Talking Live with Hot Leads Makes the Expo a Kickass one

When Noam Herzenstein went to his first conference as a vendor, his budget was extremely limited. However, he wanted a meaningful ROI (Return on Investment). Noam decided to hire Booth Guru to get the most out of the conference.

Noam went to a small conference, and most of his competitors were big companies with large booths and high budgets, he had some creative thinking to do. He used Booth Guru to attract potential customers to the booth and then turn those interactions into hot leads.

If a client wins a prize, his name gets flashed on the big screen along with a strong sound, which attracts even more clients to the booth (which means more ROI for you). Noam was very happy with what Booth Guru provided. He collected a lot more leads than he anticipated Plainsight Intel would leave with.

Even with a small budget, Noam was able to get the most out of his conference with the help of Booth Guru.

“Anytime a hot lead visits the booth, you get a real-time alert” -Noam Herzenstein, CEO Plainsight Intel

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