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These are THE new Trends to Ensure an Exceptional Exhibit in 2019

How many times have you been to a trade show and the booths were just a “rework” of the same old gimmicks? Well, it’s almost a brand-new year with brand new and revolutionary trends that will prove that 2019 is your most successful yet.

If you’ve been to as many trade shows as I have, then you know what I’m talking about, the mini-golf game, the fishbowl, and you can’t forget the old prize wheel, not to mention the popcorn and ice cream machines… How do businesses get any meaningful interaction out of these games if they can’t properly qualify leads from the attractions? They end up wasting time, resources, and most importantly, money.

If there’s one industry that hasn’t evolved much in the past 20-30 years, it’s the events industry, that includes trade shows and conventions. I guarantee you the same games, drinks, and food gimmicks are still trying to entice clients to visit their booths.

The last couple of years though have seen some startups that want to change and streamline just that. These new trends for businesses will look great, bring in more potential clients, and most importantly, save some money.

Booths can no longer have JUST a simple game and a quick chat with their potential clients going to ensure their success at the convention, 2019 is upon us! Much like the smartphone changed the game. In this post, you’ll find the new trends and advises to qualify and increase your sales that will revolutionize the trade show industry.

  1. The first piece of advice is the most simple but often the one that no one does correctly: KNOW HOW TO QUALIFY YOUR LEADS. This will save considerable time and money for everyone involved, so memorize it. Luckily for us, technology is stepping up and helping us by automating the process. Firstly, your booth staff should be properly trained to ask a simple set of questions that will tell them whether the visitor is relevant and how to proceed from there.

  2. What are the basics of a trade show exhibit? Are they the booth with the thrill of a prize wheel or the tempting aroma of pastries, or even the intoxicating effect of a glass of champagne? Yes, it’s all of them but what companies are forgetting is that we have 5 senses and most companies are only using 2 or 3 at a time. According to a new study by the Harvard Business Review the companies that utilize all 5 of our senses have better brand awareness and higher sales. With a little “creative thought”, you’ll be the talk of the trade show.

  3. The story is an extremely powerful medium. Great storytellers have always been honored in every culture around the world.  Make your booth into an immersive theme or narrative and you’ll have more visitors than you know what to do with. If you create an experience for the visitors, it adds depth and awareness to your brand that no amount of standard marketing could ever hope to.

  4. We live in a world where the customer is increasingly being put in the driver’s seat. Businesses, more and more, are creating the tools for their clients, thus allowing the client to decide which direction the client takes. Why should the trade show industry be any different? Trade show attendees now adopt technology faster, for example, they wear automatic bracelets or badges that allow them to check-in live, play games and be “wowed” without the wait for staff to be available. This bracelet or badge is essentially a digital briefcase that enables the businesses to automatically receive on the spot, real-time intelligence. I don’t know about you but that’s one car I want a ride in.

  5. A study was published recently says that 53% of consumers are more likely to buy products if you integrate emerging technologies such as VR or Martech Games, get with the times! If you use these technologies it appears that you’re at the forefront of the tech world. Speaking of “tech”, if you went to a trade show 10 years ago, the cutting-edge technology then, was using flat-screen TVs to impress the booth visitors. A couple of years ago virtual reality was the hot ticket item. Having some big screen TV’s and a VR demo is nice, but it’s 2019! The VR and TV display doesn’t have the same “WOW effect” it had these last couple of years.   First, we discovered fire, then the wheel, after that the business card. Well, we still can’t control fire; the wheel is being constantly improved and the business card is still the main currency at trade shows.

6. HOW CAN THIS BE? even with the rise of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram? Just because a process works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. Technology has given us a phone that is more powerful than the NASA computer that sent man to the moon, so why are we still wasting paper on business cards? You’re still taking massive piles of business cards, then weeks later you’re still digging missing cards out of your pocket.

  • Think of an easy way to qualify your visitors/clients

  • Try to use as many senses as you can, hopefully, use all 5 of them

  • Don’t forget the potential of a narrative

  • Arm your clients with the right tools

  • Embrace technologyRethink your booth layout

Planning, budgeting, marketing, and training staff for an upcoming trade show can be a headache in terms of logistics. Whether you’re at a big trade show or a small one, having to manage all these different steps can prove to be a difficult task. Different companies specialize in different “steps” of the process. One of the show’s most important steps will inevitably be your ROI (Return on Investment) because what’s the point of spending all this money if you’ll only leave with just a small amount of new clients after the whole process?

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. Booth Guru can help you manage potential clients on the spot with our new application. It provides real-time intelligence and uses an algorithm that qualifies leads right on the showfloor. I mentioned the typical trade show games earlier, remember mini-golf, the fishbowl, wheel of fortune, etc; well with Booth Guru we incorporate an exciting game so no more need to bring the extra accessories So to recap: 1) real-time intelligence and algorithm that automatically qualifies leads, 2) exciting quiz-based game, 3) most importantly, peace of mind. Now there are no more excuses on why your company is losing potential clients and customers at trade shows and leaving them in the dust. Oh, and hey – we are offering a limited-time BOGO offer!

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