• Ohad Twig

Your Location Doesn’t Have to Reflect Your Booth ROI

Yoel Knoll was initially worried about his booth’s position at the RSA conference. TopSpin Security is a small, growing company and they couldn’t get one of the prime locations at RSA. Luckily, TopSpin heard about Booth Guru and learned that the app is built to attract more people to the booth; and with the help of Booth Guru they were able to pull in over 500 leads, and 25% of those were qualified meaning hot leads. They were very happy with the results.

Booth Guru’s platform is designed to attract clients to the booth, from the smallest company to the biggest conglomerates. It’s simplicity and user-friendly interface makes the booth fun and lucrative for both company and client. What sets Booth Guru apart from its competitors is the real-time alerts function, which keeps the clients coming back to improve their ROI using Booth Guru.

“We were worried about our location at the trade show, however with the help of Booth Guru we were able to generate over 500 leads at the conference.”

-Yoel Knoll, VP Marketing

TopSpin Security

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