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Booth Guru Ltd. ("Booth.Guru", "us", "we", or "our") provides a platform intended to improve efficiency of contacts at trade shows or similar events ("Platform" and "Events", respectively) available through our website or mobile app (collectively, the "Site"). We recognize and respect the importance of maintaining the privacy of Personal Data (as defined below) we collect and use. We collect Personal Data from a few different types of individuals in connection with our Site and Platform.

We collect information from our customers, who organize events ("Organizers"), and from visitors to our Site ("Site Visitors"). Booth.Guru is the data controller in respect of the processing of the Personal Data of Organizers and Site Visitors. Our registered office is Remez 18a, Herzliya 4628818, Israel and our registration number is 51536868. This Privacy Notice describes the types of Personal Data we collect from personnel of Organizers and from Site Visitors, how we process, transfer, store and disclose the information collected, and their ability to control certain uses of the collected information. Unless the context indicates otherwise, the general term "you", refers to an adult using the Platform on behalf of an Organizer or visiting the Site. If you are an individual located in the European Union ("EU Individual"), some additional terms and rights may apply to you, as detailed herein.

In addition, we collect and process certain information on behalf of Organizers. Namely, we collect Personal Data about customers of the Organizer who use the Platform in connection with their exhibitions at Events ("Exhibitors") and Personal Data about attendees of the Events ("Attendees"). We process information of Exhibitors and Attendees on behalf of the applicable Organizer, who serves as a data controller with respect to their Personal Data. Booth.Guru serves as a data processor on behalf of the Organizer. If you are an Attendee, the relevant Exhibitor may also be serving as a separate, independent data controller of your Personal Data. If you are an Exhibitor or an Attendee, the majority of this Privacy Notice does not apply to you. Please see the section entitled "Processing as a data processor" below or contact the applicable data controller.


"Personal Data" means any information that refers, is related to, or is associated with an identified or identifiable individual or as otherwise may be defined by applicable law.

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